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Asahi/America Introduces Pro-Vent® Duct System

ProVent Family

Asahi/America, Inc. introduces the Pro-Vent® duct system. Pro-Vent® is specifically designed for ventilation and exhaust systems that transport corrosive fumes.

Pro-Vent® provides superior performance over PVC, fiberglass and sheet metal systems due to its chemical resistance, mechanical properties, solid construction, and ease of installation. Pro-Vent® pipe and fittings are joined by either hot air or extrusion welding and do not require additional cure time after they are fully cooled.

Available in five materials: polypropylene (PP), polypropylene self-extinguishing (PPs), polypropylene self-extinguishing-electroconductive (PPs-el), polyethylene (PE), and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), Pro-Vent® is ideal for applications in water treatment facilities, electroplating shops, semiconductor wet stations, and pharmaceutical processing.

Pro-Vent® is a complete system including pipe, fittings, damper units, inspection access ports, condensing roof outlets, flexible connectors, and more. Available sizes for PP and PPs are 63mm – 1200 mm (2” – 48”). Polyethylene is available in 90mm – 1200mm (3” – 48”), and PPs-el and PVDF are offered in 90mm – 400mm (2” – 16”).

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