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Manual Plastic Sediment Strainer Options

Inline Cleaning Valve

Asahi PVC sediment strainers are used to filter particles from a process stream without disrupting flow. The inline cleaning valve allows users to clean out the strainer portion by flushing particles to a drain or other area without disassembling the valve or removing it from line. The inline cleaning valve is installed in the factory by drilling and tapping the union end of the strainer and threading in a labcock valve or an omni ball valve with a close coupling.

Ideal Applications Include:

Inline maintenance of sediment strainers in the following industries: Chemical processing, bleach plants, aquariums, mining, water treatment, landfills, swimming pools, power plants



¼" to 1" depending on strainer size


PVC body, EPDM seals


  • Inline cleaning valve allows sediment strainers to be flushed without shutting down lines
  • Multiple valve styles available to allow for a variety of drain connections
  • Full port inline cleaning valve able to flush large volumes of solids