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V86/186 Back Pressure Regulator

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The V186 Back Pressure Regulator maintains adequate upstream pressure as upstream pressure reduces from branch line cycling. The V186 may also be used as an inline pressure relief valve. The piston spring keeps the outlet closed until the set point pressure is achieved.

Size Range: 20-110mm (½" – 4")

Ideal Applications Include:

UPW, WFI, RO/DI Systems, Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Institutional, Laboratory Research, Nanotech

Supply Range

Body Material:

Purad PVDF , PolyPure PPn & PP-Pure Pigmented



Valve Size:

20-110mm (1/2” - 4”)


PTFE backed EPDM, or EPDM

Maximum Pressure:

145 psi @ 68°F


  • Most extensive size range in the industry

  • Process fluid is isolated from mechanical parts

  • Adjustment feature provides convenient relief pressure setting in the field

  • Adjustable under working pressure

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