Solutions in the Food & Beverage Industry

This important market of society demands the best mechanical piping products in order to maintain production that rarely shuts down. Asahi/America has the track record to partner with your engineering and production to meet these demanding requirements. Our pipe and valve products offer unique solutions for applications such as liquid transfer, high purity distribution, chilled water, CIP and industrial drainage, for example. These non-metallic piping solutions will not corrode or rouge over time, thereby offering you many years of satisfactory service.

Food and Beverage

Agriculture & Food Processing

Application- Poultry Processing (PAA sanitizing system)

A poultry processing plant in North Carolina that processes 400,000 chickens per day, installed a polypropylene piping system for their PAA sanitizing system; however, the piping system was not made for this application. This caused problems including the high material cost and labor of installation. Additionally, the system was limited in fittings and not UV resistant.

Some poultry processing plants use PVC/CPVC cemented piping systems for PAA; however, leaking joints and long cure times can result in loss of production. Because of these issues, they decided to switch to Chem Proline®.


Case Study