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Asahi Piping System CAD CD Order Form


Asahi/America, Inc. offers our piping components in solid drawings and 3D models for easy importing into any CAD system on CD.

Please click here to access downloadable CAD files of our Air-Pro® compressed air piping systems.

Please click here to access drawings and 3D models of our industrial piping systems.

Included within these CDs are instructions on using the provided files of our most popular single and double wall piping systems in .STP and .DXF formats. The files are named according to Asahi/America part numbers which allow easy cross reference from price books or printed dimensional information.

Please note the following CD contains these systems:

High Purity CD - Purad® PVDF, PolyPure® PPN, PP-Pure®

Double Wall CD - Duo-Pro®, Poly-Flo® and Chem Prolok®

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