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Polytetra Heat Exchangers Now Available

Asahi/America, Inc., in conjunction with their German-based partner, Polytetra GmbH, offers all-thermoplastic, corrosion resistant heat exchangers that are designed and built per customer specification, and are fully customizable.

Polytetra's long history of experience and innovation enables them to work with Asahi/America to produce custom heat exchangers featuring industry leading designs ideal for corrosive environments.

Popular and proven Polytetra designs include shell and tube heat exchangers, suspended and plug in heat exchangers, multiple heat exchangers, circular heat exchangers, mini heat exchangers and modular heat exchangers.

Available in PFA, E-CTFE, PVDF, PP and PE, the all-thermoplastic Polytetra shell and tube heat exchanger features an industry leading design that diverts flow to the side of the shell, avoiding high fluid flow forces that may damage the thin-wall internal tubes of the heat exchanger. This design provides longer life and more even heat transfer by spreading the temperature control media beyond the point of its initial concentrated contact area.

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