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Constant Flow Valve

Asahi/America, Inc., a leading manufacturer of engineered, thermoplastic fluid handling systems, introduces its new line of Constant Flow Valves available in sizes 1/2" to 4". All Constant Flow Valves are made of molded thermoplastic parts and elastomers for superior corrosion resistance and are available in flanged ANSI with EPDM seals. Valves are designed to operate in temp ranges or 30°F-120°F for PVC models and 30°F-160°F for CPVC models. A preset constant flow rate is maintained by automatically regulating orifice opening area that responds to changes in pressure differentials across the Constant Flow Valves.

The Constant Flow Valves are designed to maintain flow rate automatically and have a flow rate accuracy of plus/minus 6% of full scale flow rate, as well as a flow rate rangeability of 20:1 maximum. It can also be used as an isolation valve as it meets class VI shut-off. The hand wheel permits on/off opening and closing and serves as a mechanism by which the flow rate setting may be adjusted without shutting down the pipeline. Constant Flow Valves feature springs of 304 stainless steel with ECTFE coating that have been tested for long cycles successfully. The valves may be installed either vertically or horizontally, as long as fluid always fills the valve passage area. Other important features include a prescribed flow setting clearly visible on the indicator on top.

Applications include the following; any media supply requiring controlled constant flow; well-balanced fluid supply in parallel piping systems; simultaneous and even fluid supply to multi-pipelines, multi-tanks, and large and small pools; cooling towers and scrubber blow water supply lines; ultra-pure water lines at semiconductor manufacturing facilities; saltwater lines for aquariums and fish farms; chemical injection lines; and lines servicing anti-foaming equipment.

Asahi/America, Inc. specializes in high-purity thermoplastic fluid handling products, including filters, pipes and fittings, valves, actuators, controls and flow instrumentation. The company maintains an extensive custom fabrication department and provides on-site consultation, supervision and training where required.


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