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Leak Detection

Asahi/America, Inc., the Wet Process People™, pinpoints leaks in seconds by using state-of-the- art Leak Detection System, providing comprehensive, reliable protection for Double Containment Piping Systems. Ideal for chemical process and hazardous waste piping, this Leak Detection System adheres to EPA guidelines, protecting against potential serious leaks and spills by sounding an alarm should a leak occur.

"The Leak Detection system is a fail safe for company's that have chosen double containment pipe for their fluid handling application. These companies are also faced with meeting EPA and OSHA regulations. For these reasons,Asahi/America offers this all-inclusive, protective piping solution," asserts Asahi/America Vice President of Engineered Products, Scott Robichaud.

Asahi has teamed up with PermAlert to provide two fully engineered, state-of-the-art leak detection systems: PAL-AT™ and LiquidWatch™. With both methods, sensors are tied to a master panel that continuously monitors the piping, and can be integrated into any plant control system.

The PAL-AT system consists of a continuous cable that can incorporate low point probes and float switches. The system has the ability to differentiate between a cable break and a leak, with panels capable of monitoring from 2,000 feet of continuous cable to 120,000 feet of cable in 8 separate lines (15,000 feet each) It can be dried in place, eliminating the need to repull or replace wet cable, and it can be calibrated while wet spots are drying.

The LiquidWatch system is a flexible, modular low point system based on inline probes, which responds in seconds after contact with organic liquids or water. Hydrocarbon fumes or water vapors have no effect, virtually eliminating false alarms. The system can be configured with up to 64 probes and 16 alarm relays.

Asahi's experienced staff provides customers with system design and layout assistance, on-site training, installation assistance, and final commissioning of all Leak Detection Systems. For more information on Leak Detection Systems and Double Containment Piping, please contact Asahi/America toll free at 1-877-24-ASAHI.

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