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Duo-Pro® Double Containment Piping Systems

5210134For 30 years Asahi/America has been in the forefront of thermoplastic piping and valve technology, and it's Duo-Pro® system of dual contained poly-propylene, PVDF, Halar® , and HDPE pipe is the most widely used pipe in the market. Because sizes range up to 20" in diameter, and the carrier and containment pipe may be of different materials, Duo-Pro is perfect for large, flexible systems, particularly in process waste lines and pressurized transfer lines.

Compliance with EPA Regulation 40 CFR has forced companies to seek the dependability of Duo-Pro® to avoid serious spills and leaks. Asahi-America engineers provide custom design, installation, and complete support of its Duo-Pro® systems to help customers meet and maintain compliance.

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