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New Quarter-Bloc Ball Valve

Asahi/America, Inc., a leading thermoplastics manufacturer providing customized solutions for fluid handling systems in a variety of industries, introduces the new Quarter-Bloc PVC True-Union Ball Valve. The NSF-61 approved valve features all-thermoplastic construction with no metallic parts, and offers excellent flow characteristics due to the full orifice opening, which is equivalent to the inside diameter of the corresponding piping. Ideal for water and light chemical applications, the valve offers a True Union design and is available in sizes ½" to 2".

Asahi/America's Quarter-Bloc Ball Valve offers multiple safety and convenience features, including a safe blocking design that allows downstream pipe removal, a stem equipped with a double O-ring sealing arrangement for superior durability, and a handle that doubles as a built-in spanner wrench if maintenance is required.

"The NSF-61 approved valve offers customers excellent flow characteristics for superior performance in light chemical and water applications," states Asahi/America Vice President of Engineering, Leo Lester.

The Quarter-Bloc Ball Valves also features an interference fit between the stem and handle, which eliminates the use of metallic screws. The elastomeric backing cushion allows for fixed preload of PTFE seats against balls, minimizing carrier adjustment. The valve also includes ASTM SCH80 end connectors.