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Multiport Ball Valve to be Discontinued

In order to meet the latest industry requirements, and customer demands we have re-engineered the Multi-Port ball valve. This will result in the discontinuation of the current style, and an introduction of our New Type 23 Multi-Port ball valve. The New Type 23 will first be available in PVC & CPVC.

PVC & CPVC Multi-Port Ball Valves (1/2" – 4") will be discontinued effective 6/2/03.These Multi-Ports will be replaced by the Type 23 Multi-Port Ball Valve, which has many added Features and Benefits as outlined below.(PP & PVDF versions to be re-engineered in the near future)


We will begin shipping the New Type 23, as old style Multiport inventory is depleted, on or about 5/1/03.

Parts Availability:

We will be able to supply replacement parts for a period of five years effective the 3rd quarter of 2003.


The New Type 23 valve will be priced the same as the old Multi-Port, even with the additional features and benefits.


The Type-23 (1/2" – 2") will not have parts or face to face dimension interchangeability. (3" & 4" will have face to face interchangeability only) Flanged models will have face to face dimension interchangeability only, but no parts interchangeability.

Features and Benefits:

  • Built-in Spanner Wrench – Valve handle doubles as carrier adjustment or removal tool when maintenance is required.
  • Double O-ring Stem seals – The Type-23 has Double O-ring stem seals that increase operator safety in severe applications.
  • ISO Mounting Pad – The Type-23 valve has an integral molded ISO mounting pad. Simple removal of the handle permits easy mounting of accessories or automation, with no valve modifications required.

Type 23-Valve Accessories

  • Actuation ( Electric and Pneumatic)
  • 2" square operating nuts and T-nuts
  • Locking devices
  • Manual limit switch kits
  • Panel mount stem extensions
  • Single and 2-piece stem extensions, in a variety of materials.
  • Optional O-ring materials

If you have any questions or concerns, please consult your Asahi/America District Sales Manager, or our Customer Service Department.