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New Giant Butterfly Valve

Asahi/America, Inc., a leading thermoplastics manufacturer providing customized solutions for fluid handling systems in a variety of industries, introduces its Giant PDCPD Butterfly Valve. With a unique design for superior performance, the valve is ideal for a range of applications, including, irrigation, water parks, aquariums, chemical processing, wastewater treatment and landfills.

Asahi/America's Giant PDCPD Butterfly Valve features a molded, lined body with full seat design, eliminating the need for additional gaskets and providing a bubble tight seal. The valve has O-Ring seals for exceptional chemical resistance. The valve's spherical shape reduces breakaway and sealing torque for long cycle life, and its wafer style body minimizes space restrictions.

Comprised polydicyclopenthadiene (PDCPD), the Giant Butterfly Valve's body and disc are the only parts that come in contact with media. The valve also has non-wetted metal parts, including the stem and internal components, which offer added strength.

Asahi/America Vice President of Engineering Valves and Actuation, Leo Lester, states, "The new Giant PDCPD Butterfly Valve is perfect for large applications. Our engineers have specially designed the valve to ensure ultimate performance."

The Giant PDCPD Butterfly Valve has a molded ISO bolt pattern top flange for accessory mounting. Available in sizes ranging from 28" to 40", the valve is rated to a maximum working pressure of 110psi at 175°.

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