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Asahi America Introduces New M79P Pneumatic Actuator

Asahi America, Inc. has expanded their pneumatic actuator product line by adding a new more powerful model, the M79P, to their family of pneumatic actuators. The double acting (air to air) M79PN pneumatic actuator can produce up to 40,441 inch pounds of output torque based on an 80 psi air supply. The single acting (air to spring) M79PSN pneumatic actuator can produce up to 15,660 inch pounds of output torque based on an 80 psi air supply.

This new unit incorporates standard features including adjustable travel stops, captive springs (single acting model only), aluminum alloy body and end caps with Cataphoresis and Rilsan coating inside and outside for maximum corrosion resistance, Cataphoresis coated steel output shaft with double o-ring seal on top and bottom, aluminum alloy pistons, nylon piston guide, PTFE and bronze piston guide rings, self-lubricating BUNA-N O-Rings and stainless steel external hardware.

The M79P operates at a temperature range of -25° F to 195° F, provides output torque range from 15,660 in/lbs to 40,441 in/lbs at 80 psi and is powered with air, non combustible gas, or non-aggressive fluid.

These new actuators are able to be mounted on Asahi/America large size butterfly valves (14" or larger) as well as most thermoplastic or metal large size ball valves and butterfly valves with standard ISO or NAMUR mounting dimensions.

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