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Flosonex PFA Flow Meter

Asahi/America, Inc., the Wet Process People™, introduces FloSonex® PFA Flow Meters for ultra pure applications, including hot and cold DI water, pure chemical and chemical distribution lines. These new Flow Meters offer high temperature capabilities and feature an extended life.

Asahi/America's FloSonex Meters are vortex style, using external ultrasonic sensors to detect flow rate. These exterior sensors can be removed at any time without disturbing operation, allowing for continuous up time, even during maintenance and repair. The FloSonex Meters feature remote electronics, which protect units from coming in contact with harsh media or vapors, extending the life of the meter. The Flow Meters' solid PFA design allows the unit to be used in high temperature applications up to 180°C.

"With their external sensors, the FloSonex Flow Meters are specifically designed to handle high temperature applications," states Asahi/America Vice President of Engineered Products, Scott Robichaud. "The maximum operating temperature is not dictated by an internal sensor, but rather by the material chosen for construction."

Asahi/America's FloSonex Meters are produced in a cleanroom environment and individually calibrated. Available in PFA in sizes ½" – 1", and in PVDF in sizes from ½" – 4", they can be outfitted with any end connection.

For more information on how FlowSonex Meters can benefit specific applications, contact Asahi/America's flow expert, Herb Icazaca, at 800-343-3618.