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EL-PVDF Diaphragm Valve

To meet the latest customer requirements, Asahi/America has developed a new thermoplastic corrosion resistant diaphragm valve for Aggressive Brine Service Applications.

Constructed of EL-PVDF and EL-PTFE for the purpose of preventing the generation of blisters and stress cracks, the new EL-Diaphragm valves performed excellent in laboratory and long-term field tests. The body and diaphragm are made from specially developed materials. The Asahi PVDF Gas Barrier (supplied as a standard feature) prevents permeation of chlorinated gases. The diaphragm and compressor inserts are made of Palladium Titanium to prevent environmental stress cracks.

The new valve is designed specifically for Electrolysis plants and brine service applications with high-temp & high-pressure conditions. The material designs extend the life of the valve at least twice as long as compared to conventional PVDF or Lined PTFE valves in these services. The EL-Diaphragm valve is available in a flanged end configuration sizes ½" to 4".

Standard Features Include

  • Flanged (ANSI) face-to-face dimensions are equivalent to most commonly used metallic valves.
  • Rugged body and bonnet are of solid Thermo-plastic for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Uniquely designed body and bonnet together with diaphragms of new sealing designs by computer dynamic analysis for superior sealing.
  • Weir design for excellent throttling.
  • Bubble-tight sealing, even in applications such as slurries or suspended particles.
  • Bonnet seals to protect internals from corrosive environments.Built-in travel stop to prevent over-tightening or compressive strain on diaphragm.
  • Integrally molded bottom stand for simple yet firm panel mounting.
  • Indicator at the top for indication of valve position