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Introducing the SP-110S, the Next Generation in IR Fusion Technology

Asahi/America, together with our manufacturing partner Agru of Austria, continues to lead the advancement of IR welding technology. The latest model, SP-110S, includes numerous upgrades and features a completely automated welding process.

The SP-110S controls all movement and parameters during each phase of the welding process (heating, change over, joining and cooling). The heating element and clamps are precisely controlled and moved by the welding equipment. This automation eliminates operator influence during the fusion process and provides unmatched repeatability.

The SP-110S is loaded with improvements and new features. The internal electronics and control devices have been updated for increased field durability. An automated adjustable planing depth has been incorporated to enhance fabrication capabilities. The touch screen is integrated into the front of the tool and screen displays have been updated for greater ease of use. These are just a few of the highlights for this exciting new equipment.

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