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Labeling Change

Effective Date: July 2002
We currently designate one of our elastomers used in our valves as Viton® or FPM. In order to meet the current industry terminology and ISO standards (#1629), Asahi/America will make the following changes:

All product labels and boxes will be labeled FKM instead of FPM or Viton®.We will gradually change all of our literature, drawings, labels and product descriptions to reflect this change. We will also change any molds that are affected.

Examples: Butterfly Liners, Diaphragms, Swing Checks, Gaskets, etc.

The physical properties, chemical resistance and temperature ratings remain the same. FPM and FKM are both designated as Fluoroelastomers.

Asahi/America has already started this process and in the near future you may see some of the products with the new FKM marking.This memo is to help you identify the change and also answer any concerns.