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The Safety Spring and Integral Travel Stop

ASAHI/America valve Introduces two new option for pneumatic actuators

Safety Spring and Integral Travel Stop

The Safety Spring option for single acting pneumatic actuators allows for the removal of the end caps for maintenance or changing of the fail orientation without fear of injury due to the stored energy of the springs. Asahi/America incorporated a captive spring design into the concentric spring pack so that they are contained and stored energy remains just that; stored.

The Safety Spring option is available for the C79P through G79P. The output torque of the actuator and actuator dimensions are unaffected with this option.

The Integral Travel Stop for double and single acting pneumatic actuators allows for independent adjustment of the close (0 °) from -2 ° to +4 °, and independent adjustment of the open stroke

(90 °) from -4 ° to +2 °; and is available for models C79P through G79 P. This is a factory-installed option.

All products that are manufactured have tolerances that must be met. When multiple manufactured products are assembled, the total tolerance for all of the "components" becomes exaggerated. When this occurs, it is possible that the actuator will rotate 90 degrees, but the valve will actually rotate less than 90 degrees. To compensate for this action, the actuator must travel more than 90 degrees so that the valve can travel to its full open and full closed positions. With this in mind, Asahi/America developed the integral travel stop option.

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