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Introducing PP-Pure Pigmented PP Piping System

Asahi/America, the leader in high purity piping systems, has recently introduced the newest addition to their product family, PP-Pure, a pigmented high purity Polypropylene piping system for pure water systems. The pigmented system provides a cost savings over traditional PP-natural and PVDF systems. PP-Pure also offers the advantage of a much larger size range (1/2" - 12") over commercially available PP-natural systems (1/2" - 4").

PP-Pure is manufactured under stringent purity requirements, where pipe and fittings are extensively cleaned and double bagged. The final product purity makes it an ideal piping system for pure water applications with semiconductor, photovoltaic, institutional and bio-pharm clients where system costs are a major concern.


The large size range, extending up to 12" (315mm), makes PP-Pure ideal for large facility expansion projects. This size range will provide a cost effective means to transport pure water in large diameter pipe sizes typically required in new semiconductor and photovoltaic manufacturing plants. PP-Pure is available in 150 psi pressure rating (SDR 11) and offers a complete range of fittings and valves.

Polypropylene is an extremely easy material to install due to its light weight and high weld ability. For systems requiring stringent purity, PP-Pure can utilize the cutting edge technology of Asahi/America's SP Series IR fusion equipment, which features a fully automated welding process and force controlled joining process.

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