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Free Upgraded to Pool Pro Butterfly Valves

Pool-Pro-Butterfly-ValvesAsahi/America, Inc. has upgraded our Pool-Pro butterfly valve. Asahi/America will no longer offer Metal Gear-Operators for our 1-1/2" – 10" Pool-Pro butterfly valves. We will now be offering exclusively the Plasgear,™ all plastic enclosure Gear-Operator, as a standard for 1-1/2" – 10" Pool-Pro valves All 1-1/2" – 10" Pool-Pro Butterfly valve will be equipped with factory mounted Plasgear™ all plastic enclosure gear-operator. This upgrade is offered with no increase to pricing.

Pool Pro butterfly valves are the first valve designed exclusively for the pool service industry. This cost-effective valve can be completely submerged in chlorinated water. The Pool-Pro's unique blue handle identifies that this valve is ideally suited for use in chlorinated water applications. The Pool-Pro Valve's durable PVC-constructed body provides superior corrosion resistance and weighs less than similar valves made of metal.

The Pool Pro Butterfly Valve provides exceptional, reliable performance, and is virtually maintenance-free. Easy to install, the valve's self-gasketing seat design eliminates the need for mating flange gaskets. The Pool Pro comes with an ISO mounting pad, allowing for easy field-mounting of accessory options, including stem extensions, gear operators, and electric or pneumatic actuation. Asahi/America's new Pool Pro butterfly valve is offered in sizes ranging from 1-1/2" to 12".

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