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Series F Faucets

Asahi/America, Inc., the Wet Process People™, introduces its Series F Gooseneck Distribution Faucets. Constructed from high purity, high performance thermoplastic resins, the faucets are ideal for laboratory, pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications.

The Series F Gooseneck Faucets feature a quick-opening globe valve for superior flow. Three different methods of flow distribution are available—non-recirculating, constant and recirculating. The faucets are offered in Asahi/America's corrosion-resistant Purad™ polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and PolyPure™ Natural Polypropylene (PPN) materials, and are compatible with both Purad and PolyPure piping systems.

"We have specially engineered our new Series F Gooseneck Distribution Faucets with high purity, corrosion-resistant materials to ensure superior performance and quality," states Asahi/America Manager of Engineered Products, Roger Govaert

Asahi/America's Series F Faucets are comprised of fully fused components, with no wetted threads in the body or base, and can be provided with zero static operation. For added convenience, they can be deck or wall mounted. To ensure purity, the faucets are packaged in a Class 1000 cleanroom. A variety of end connections are available.

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