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Compact Globe Control Valve

Asahi/America, Inc., the leading thermoplastics manufacturer providing customized solutions in fluid handling systems for a variety of industries, introduces the Compact Electric Globe Control Valve. This modulating control valve has been designed for precise flow control and is available body materials of PVC, PP, PVDF and PTFE, and in sizes from ½" – 2". The Compact Electric Globe Control Valves feature a self-dianostic actuator, a number of field selectables including cycle time and signal (0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA), light weight construction, characterized trim for both linear or equal percentage flow curves, and various plug and seat arrangements within a given size valve for maximum control. Also, the plug and seat can be easily changed in the field to accommodate a variety of CV (valve coefficient) values should the process conditions change.

Drilled to an ANSI B16.5 bolt pattern, the Compact Electric Globe Control Valves are versatile and can easily be installed in both thermoplastic piping as well as metal pipelines. Being of Thermoplastic construction, these valves are highly corrosion resistant and are ideally suited for aggressive chemical applications in such industries as Chemical Processing and Waste Water Treatment. The engineering staff at Asahi/America, Inc., is available to assist in properly sizing a control valve specific to your process conditions. When ordering, ask forAsahi's AV Gaskets to make your installation complete.