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Asahi/America Gate Valves Available In Wide Range

Asahi/America, Inc., a leading thermoplastics manufacturer providing customized solutions for fluid handling systems in a variety of industries, offers Thermoplastic Gate Valves in sizes ranging from 11/2" to 14". Lightweight for easier and economical installation, the Asahi/Amrica Gate Valve features a unique sliding cylindrical plug design that provides a larger seating area than conventional gate valves. The valve body is a straight through design which minimizes pressure drop in the system.

The Gate Valve has a clean out plug on the bottom of the valve body, which allows for flushing or cleaning if there is sediment build up. The Gate Valve is rated for full vacuum service and comes standard with a visual position indicator.

Asahi/America Vice President of Engineering Valves and Actuation, Leo Lester, states, "Asahi offers our gate valve in a full range of sizes including large sizes like 10, 12 and 14 inch units. No other thermoplastic valve manufacture is able to provide their customers gate valves in such a wide variety of sizes in a thermoplastic construction"

The Asahi Gate Valve is ideal for use in Waste Water and Water Treatment Plants, Landfills and Power Plants. Asahi's Gate Valve is available with many options including various stem extensions, 2" square operating nuts or special O-rings for corrosive applications.

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