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New CPVC Disc for Type-57 Butterfly Valves


Asahi/America Inc., a leader in thermoplastic valve technology, announces CPVC (CHLORINATED POLYVINYL CHLORIDE) discs for their Type-57 butterfly valve line. Offered for 3", 4", 6" and 8" models, the new CPVC disc provides enhanced safety and performance in aggressive chemical environments compared with standard PVC discs.

Type 57 3sizes copyBased on a reliable design, the Type 57 allows for broad versatility. A completely non-wetted or "dry" stem design isolates the valve body from the pipeline fluid. Therefore, the media only contacts the disc and the full seat liner material. This design provides the opportunity to take a standard PVC valve body and install an optional CPVC disc to meet the requirements of a broader range of aggressive chemical applications. Since the all plastic CPVC disc and rubber seat are the only wetted parts, the total cost of the valve is reduced by using the standard PVC body. The new CPVC disc option should be specified where corrosive liquids are being handled and an extra margin of safety is required.

The chemical resistance properties of CPVC and its advantages are very similar to those of PVC; however it possesses superior mechanical strength, stiffness and dimensional stability.

A proven performer in aggressive chemical applications the Type-57 butterfly valves are also available with PVC, PP, and PVDF discs. Type-57 butterfly valves are manufactured from 1-1/2"-24". Liners for Type 57 valves are available in EPDM, FKM and Nitrile.

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