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Custom Thermoplastic Valve Boxes Now Available

Asahi Valve BoxesAsahi/America Inc., introduces customized valve boxes to provide easy, convenient protection for all Asahi/America valves and valve assemblies. Available in PolyPro, HDPE, PVDF, ECTFE (Halar), PVC, or CPVC, these fully enclosed boxes offer the highest degree of protection against natural elements. Valves are totally encased in the thermoplastic valve box, valve actuators can also be mounted inside or outside of the box based on application requirements. The valve boxes can be used with Asahi's single wall and double containment piping.

Valve boxes can constructed with flanged connection for easy installation into existing installs or custom fitted at the factory. By manufacturing the box with the same material of the piping system, the welded joint can be applied directly to the box with no external hardware creating a more secure enclosure.

The boxes can be equipped with clear covers for visual leak detection and valve position status. The box covers can be manufactured to allow an extension of the valve operator thru the cover for ease of operation.

Valve boxes are non pressure rated but provisions can be engineered to allow for containment pipe pressure testing after installation. When used with leak detection cable, the box acts as a pull box, for ease of wire pulls. The leak detection cable can also be installed in box bottom for leak detection purposes.

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