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New Halar Ball Valve Now Available

Halar-Ball-ValveAsahi/America, Inc. introduces the new Halar True Union Ball valve. Halar (E-CTFE) is manufactured from copolymerization of ethylene with CTFE (chlorotrifluroethylene). This provides excellent chemical resistance, handling applications that, almost all others cannot. The Halar Ball Valve is manufactured of Halar material for all wetted parts, seals are litharge compound O-rings. The Halar Ball Valve is rated for 150 psi at 73F.

The Halar Ball Valve supplements our expanded line of Halar Diaphragm Valves and Halar Piping system. The valve is manufactured with spigot fittings that are installed using IR butt fusion or contact butt fusion technology.

Halar is the best material for handling high concentrations of sodium hypochlorite, 98% sulfuric acid, and the most aggressive chemical or mixed solution media. When required in chemical services such as sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide, where trapped media can off gas causing pressurization within the cavity of the ball when the valve is closed, a 1/8" vent hole can be factory drilled and deburred by the manufacturer, to eliminate the hazard of pressurization.

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