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Introduction of Upgraded model Type-21a Ball Valves

BallValvesSince their introduction, the Type-21 ball valves have been the thermoplastic valves of choice for many demanding applications. This can be attributed to the quality of the product with regards to both performance and design. In an effort to continuously improve the product and remain a leader in the industries we serve, subtle changes and improvements have necessitated a revised model ball valve, the Type-21a. It is our belief these improvements will provide for a greater degree of confidence in the base Type-21 design, while offering features and benefits geared towards today's installation professionals.



Type-21a ball valves




1/2" (15mm) – 2" (50mm)


The Type-21a is a direct replacement for the existing Type-21. The Type-21a shares the same end connectors and union nuts as the existing Type-21 ball valves. The center sections of the valves can be directly interchanged with no modifications to the piping system required as physical dimensions remain unchanged (Face to Face).


  • As existing Type-21 ball valve inventory is depleted, we will begin shipping Type-21a

Part Numbers and Pricing:

  • Part numbers will remain the same as current
  • Pricing will remain the same as current

Parts Availablity:

  • Handles, union nuts and end connectors remain unchanged.
  • All other parts available for 5 years as a minimum

Improvements and Enhancements:

  • New PTFE Seat design – Facilitates easier field maintenance if required
  • Tapered O-ring groove – Helps to Keep the end connector O-rings on the valve body during installation
  • Body Flats – Flats have been added to either side of the valve body where a wrench can be applied to prevent the valve body from turning when the Union Nuts are tightened