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Air Pro Tapping Saddle adds to ease of Installation

Asahi/America, Inc., introduces the new tapping saddle for their Air-Pro Compressed Air Piping Systems. Designed specifically for the Air-Pro system, the new tapping saddle allows for the installation of a the system with no drops! The drops are installed after the system has been hung by simply using the tapping saddle welding it in place with electro-fusion process. The saddle can be installed at any location, under any pressure, reducing the number of required welds in half vs traditional drop methods.

The Air-Pro tapping saddle is available in 11 sizes from 2x1 to 6x2 and is rated at 150psi.

Air-Pro Compressed Air piping system is available in sizes ½" to 12" with socket, butt and electro-fusion fittings in a variety of styles including tees, reducing tees, 90s, 45s and more. Air-Pro systems are safe and reliable, offering fast, low-cost installations.

The Air-Pro System is engineered for continuous operating pressures from 150 to 230 psi. Air-Pro Systems use specially-engineered Solvay Eltex TUB 124 blue high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin, which is extremely ductile, light-weight and corrosion-free. Additionally, Air-Pro Systems are chemically resistant to compressor synthetic oils and mineral oils that traditionally attack glued systems. Air-Pro is color-coded blue up to 4", and black from 6" – 12" for easy identification of compressed air lines.

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