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Newly Designed Series 83 Introduced

Asahi/America Introduces the New Series 83A Electromni Actuator

Series-83-ElectromniAsahi/America Inc., the leader in thermoplastic valve technology, introduces the new Series 83A Electromni actuator for ball valves. The Series 83 has been the actuator of choice for small quarter-turn ball valves since 1983; the new Series 83A Electromni maintains the Series 83's original look while improving on its quality, design and performance.

Like the Series 83, the Series 83A Electromni remains compact and reliable with the same signature blue cover and gray base, however, the Series 83A now boasts a Nema 4X type enclosure to meet today's industry standards. The flanged cover and baseplate design with a full gasket Nitrile seal enhances sealing performance to keep external water out of the actuator enclosure.

Four captivated 304 stainless steel hex-head slotted cap-screws fasten the Series 83A's cover and base halves together, while four Nitrile cap-plugs now cover the formerly exposed motor mounting bolts. A flat gasket, for Asahi's Type 21 or Type 23 ball valves, or an O-ring, for Asahi's Omni ball valve, seal the valve body to the baseplate of the Series 83A's enclosure. Molded 304 stainless steel inserts form an ISO F03, F04 or F05 valve mounting pattern, and 3/8" NPT threads have been added to the 1/2" 90o conduit for sealing integrity.

The Series 83A Electromni's electrical wiring still protrudes from the 1/2" NPT 90o conduit elbow off of the bottom of the baseplate, to which the valve still directly mounts. The Series 83A is designed to be a direct replacement for the Series 83. The overall dimensions of the Series 83A are within fractions of an inch of the Series 83, permitting it to fit into the tightest spaces. Incoming customer wiring hook-up requirements remain unchanged, as do the cam/coupling arrangement, limit switch plate, indicating lights, two-wire control and optional voltage inputs.