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ATEX Certifies Series 92 Electric Actuators

Asahi/America Inc., a leader in thermoplastic valves, pipes and fittings introduces ATEX certified Series 92 electric actuators designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres Directive 94/9/EC.

Approval under this directive has been granted based on mechanical analysis and explosive testing done to the Series 92 in the Lab at SIRA Certification Services, (the notified body under which testing and auditing is performed) followed by a full clause by clause assessment of the actuators conducted against EN60079-0:2006 and EN 60079-1:2007. Additionally Asahi/America Inc's., Quality Management and Record Retention System was audited against European Standard prEN 13980:2002 (E), which ensures that a manufacturer follows an established uniform procedure when producing actuators under the Directive

The Series 92 electric actuator features a die-cast aluminum alloy enclosure bolted together in two sections by eight M8 hex head cap screws and fitted with an O-ring between the two halves for environmental purposes. Access to the enclosure is by two M20 conduit openings in base. The main shaft which penetrates through both sides of the enclosure, forms the flameproof enclosure. The shaft top is connected to visual beacon position indicator and is covered by an upper know, which is pulled upward to put the actuator into manual override mode. The base of the shaft is a 17 mm star female star configuration output which drives a machined coupling to execute actuation of a valve.

The internals of the Series 92 actuator feature a reversing type 120 vac or 230 vac capacitor run reversing type motor. A thermal overload protection sensor is embedded in the motor windings and is designed to prevent motor failure. The motor features a permanently lubricated gear-train and hardened steel spur gears. 2-end of travel limit switches are mechanically set via adjustable cams for open and close positions. Accessories such as 4-20 Ma positioners, single and double extra limit switches, heater and thermostat, cycle length control modules, 2-wire control relays, and electro mechanical brakes are all available factory installed and calibrated in the actuators.

Certificate Number: Sira 07ATEX1268
Certificate Code: Ex d IIB T4
Additional ATEX Marking: II 2 G
Quality Assurance Notification: SIRA 09 ATEX M447
Notified Body: Sira Certification Service - 0518

Click here to see a copy of our ATEX Certificate