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COOLSAFE™ Pre-Insulated PE Piping System

COOLSAFE™ piping system provides a cost-effective way for installing insulated piping in a broad range of industries. The system consists of a polyethylene inner layer, polyurethane insulation core and polyethylene outer layer. Onsite labor is dramatically reduced because pipe and fittings are pre-insulated at the factory. COOLSAFE™ pre-insulated piping system installs easily using conventional butt or electrofusion welding methods. The PE inner by PE outer design allows the system to be simultaneously butt welded, saving installation time and providing a safer installation. Components are molded and insulated to strict tolerances to ensure easy installation and long-term insulation of chilled media. COOLSAFE™ provide thermal conductivity better than 0.026 W/m-K (0.015 Btu-ft/h-ft2-F).

COOLSAFE™ is available in sizes 32mm – 250mm (1"-10") and is in stock now at Asahi/America. The system comes with a complete fitting range and is supported by Asahi/America's extensive welding equipment fleet. Asahi Type-21 ball valves and Type-57 butterfly valves control flow in the COOLSAFE™ system.

Ideal Applications Include:

Commercial refrigeration, Brewery and winery chilling, Secondary cooling of food production, Cold storage facilities,Central campus HVAC building

Short Specifications




Pipe: ASTM D3350 cell classification PE346544C or better

Insulation: High density polyurethane foam

Resin shall comply with FDA Code of Federal Regulators (CFR), Title 21, Chapter 1: Section 177.1520 determining suitability for contact with foodstuff.

Pipe Production

Dimensions and tolerances shall exceed ISO 15494 requirement.

Fitting Production

Dimensions and tolerances shall exceed ISO 15494 requirement.

Pressure Rating




Components shall be pressure rated in accordance with ASTM D2837 and DIN 8077 for hydrostatic design basis. Components shall be manufactured to standard dimensional ratio (SDR) 17.

Based on continuous service life of 50 years at 68o F (20o C).

SDR17: 150psi (PN10)

PN = Nominal pressure in bar.




Available methods shall be according to the schedule below

 DVS 2207-1 Contact Butt: 1" (32mm) through max product size  

 DVS 2207-1 Electrofusion: 1" (32mm) through max product size


  • Thermal conductivity better than 0.026 W/m-K (0.015 Btu-ft/h-ft2-F)
  • No gluing or dangerous open flames required during installation
  • Easy installation by butt fusion or electrofusion
  • UV & corrosion resistant