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Air-Pro® Compressed Air Piping System

Air-Pro® is the only HDPE piping system approved for use and warranted by the manufacturer for compressed air applications. Air-Pro® meets CAL-OSHA requirements for compressed air.

Air-Pro's® specially formulated PE resins are resistant to both synthetic and mineral compressor oils.


Data Sheet


Air-Pro® Butt and Socket Fusion Welding

Ideal Applications Include:

Above and below ground compressed air, inert or non-reactive gases

Supply Range

Pipes & Fittings:

  • 20 - 110mm (1/2" - 4") SDR 7.4 / 230psi
  • 160 - 315mm (6" - 12") SDR 11 / 150psi


  • Fast, low-cost installations
  • Operating pressures from 150 to 230psi
  • Constructed from specially engineered PE 100 high density polyethylene resin, which is extremely ductile, lightweight and corrosion resistant
  • Chemically resistant to compressor synthetic oils and mineral oils that traditionally attack glued and metal systems